Merry's Mission


The mission of Merry Oysters is to be a year-round source for quality Duxbury oysters while preserving, sustaining, and enjoying Duxbury Bay and its surrounding ecosystem. We are successful by working our hardest to do what is best for the people who work for us and the people who buy and eat our fresh oysters.  


How We Grow Oysters


Know when you see Merry Oyster's distinctive purple bag with our orange pants logo, you can be confident that what goes on the plate will be consistently great. Click on the "Our Process" tab to learn more about Merry Oyster Farm.


Eat Our Oysters


From our beginning, Merry Oysters and Legal Sea Foods have had a symbiotic relationship. We recognize and hold an incredible amount of respect for their attention to detail, especially when it comes to quality! Our commitment is to mirror that. So, the marriage was made and we sell every oyster we grow directly to them and we are proud of that exclusive bond.